Alberta Education

The Alberta Education website engages thousands of educators, students, parents and ministry staff every day. The challenge in designing a new Alberta Education site was how to take a 20-year-old, 20,000-page government website and make it responsive to many levels of users with unique informational needs that change at different times of year. The new card-based site serves targeted, related information by tagging content according to where users are in their School Journey and what is currently relevant in the school year. It’s quick and intuitive for the user. A bright, clean look and feel across integrated web properties and applications gives users a consistent and satisfying experience. Content and approvals are easily, efficiently maintained through a customized CMS tool. Through an evidence-based approach, is now a leader for user-centred design and mobile enhancements, setting an example for how responsive a website can be to individual users, however they access the web.
44 Capital Boulevard, 10044 108 St NW, Edmonton, T5J 5E6, British Columbia, Canada
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