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Yes by improving your website. You can sign up for our free tips for idea’s on developing your website. You can sign up using the Free Weekly Web Tips form on the left.

If you wish to receive your rating in 48 hours the price is $10.

If you wish to receive your rating in 7-14 days the price is $5.00

If you are willing to wait 6 - 8 weeks for your rating the service is free.

We have three classifications for our ratings:


 Very Good


Once rated, an e-mail with your rating and a link to the award code is automatically sent out. If you did not receive it, chances are the e-mail was caught in a spam filter. Check your spam folder for an e-mail from canadianwebawards.com.

If you still cannot find the e-mail, don't worry. You can always login to your account and view all your submitted sites by clicking on the Dashboard menu link. If a site has been rated, you will see a link at the bottom of the site listing called "Award Code." This will take you to the award code page which will display the award you received and the code to place on your site with instructions. This page is always available to your rated sites.

However, if you'd prefer another award e-mail be sent, just contact us and we will resend it to your within 72 hours at no charge!

No, but if you sign in you can go to the Dashboard page and click on your site to get your award code. Please Contact us if there are any issues.

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Ashish Mishra

This website is not best but its better than others. it provides all type of facilities in the field of Information Technology.

Tak Kawana

We’ve been having so much fun over the summer that we’ve completely forgotten to mention that we’ve won another award! This time our Canadian peers in the industry have honoured us with the prestigious Canadian Web Award

Ballistic Arts

Neville Moffatt

I would like to thank you for presenting me with the Canadian “Very Good Award 2002 for my website. I want you to know that I am overwhemed by the award, it means a lot me and no amount of words can convey my feelings.

Michael Lane

Thanks for the rating, it’s better than I thought I would get. I have created a page for the award and posted it. Thanks again.

Llano and Sheila Gorman

Thank you very much for the rating! This site has been my heart and sole and I have not had any education on web site development. We have been through the mud with web site developers that have Ripped us Off. I finally just took it over myself with a

Kjeld den Braven

Hello CWA, Thank you very much for Canadian Web Award. We are honoured to display this on our website: www.bandofliberation.nl. We hope that many Canadians will visit our website and see that the Dutch still haven’t forgotten our liberators sixty years after the war. Kind regards,

Band of Liberation
The Netherlands

Joseph Caccamo

Thank you for the AccessDome.com “Very Good” award… It is an honor to be recognized by a great organization such as the “Canadian Web Awards.” I will be pleased to place a banner on our website. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

CEO - IQNetCom Corp.



Dan Poh

The Canadian Plywood Association – CANPLY, recognizes the Canadian Web Awards as the most significant web award in Canada and will display our 2003 award prominently on our website.


Debbie Reynolds

My name is Debbie and I’m a teacher. I came across your page while searching for information about genealogy for an upcoming student project. The resources you have are very helpful! I just wanted to thank you and thought you should know how useful it is as it’s made collecting information a lot easier.

The After School Center

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